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My purpose is to help you on repair, reconstruct or improve your appearence.

Doctor Mota also practices aesthetic medicine: treatment of wrinkles by injection of botulinum toxin and restoration of volumes by injection of hyaluronic acid.
Monday to Friday
from 8am till 6pm
Saturday & Sunday
Miguel Mota, MD
Cosmetic & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Born in Santo Domingo on April 2nd 1979, graduated from the Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) as a Medical Doctor in 2003 and pursuing his medical residency in General Surgery in Rio de Janeiro Brazil at the Centro de Pós Graduacâo da Santa Casa da Misericórdia, ending in 2007. Subsequently, he studied his specialty in Plastic Surgery at the referred center ending in December 2012. He has completed multiple studies and has attended numerous conferences. Since 2013 he has been practicing at the PLASTIMEDIC Plastic Surgery Center in Santo Domingo. He has been furthermore a university professor. He is united to Dra. Leticia Renosto, with whom he has procreated a lovely boy.

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